MILL POND HOUSE in Centerport

Suzanne (Robertson) Asher, Harborfields first Cheerleader and Graduate in the first class of Harborfields School District, reminisces about the community in her latest blogs of memories. Here is one of the many on-going thoughts from her past. Suzanne with Husband Brian (Harborfields first quarterback) are TOP real estate agents in the Township of Huntington working for Signature Premier Properties…. Her web site which is still under construction.… Here is where my story begins… has so many fun and interesting little stories of the community…

MILL POND INN … Centerport, New York

Ah, the Mill Pond Inn (currently the Mill Pond House) on Route 25A in Centerport.

Growing up in Centerport was a highlight…  Happy days, a new High School of Harborfields, new friends, fun things to do!

Back when my parents first moved to Centerport in 1955, they discovered the Mill Pond Inn.  My Dad and Mother went to the Mill Pond Inn at least 2 times a week for dinner, and of course, “dragged” me along.  When my Dad would return from a trip (was a Pilot for Pan Am) he couldn’t wait to get back home and have a nice steak dinner at the Mill Pond Inn.  The owner, Jerry Griffin, and his wife Irene lived in an apartment upstairs.  My parents soon became great friends with them, my Dad would always bring him “trinkets” from his overseas travels which he would proudly display in the restaurant.  There I would eat dinner with my parents and get driven back home to ”study” while they would sit at the Piano Bar and sing the old tunes well into the night ….  “Down by the Old Mill Stream”,   “If you knew Susie”,  stuff like that!

The Mill Pond Inn was our “home away from home”……  The nicotine was thick on the walls and the dark and cozy atmosphere was inviting to the people who wanted a place to hang out!!!

Back in the late 50’s the Mill Dam in Centerport would freeze, allowing a place for us to meet with our friends and drink hot chocolate and skate on the pond.  Mill Pond Inn owner Jerry Griffin would shovel a little spot for us and light the skating area.  They would build a little fire and provide Hot Chocolate.  There we would meet our friends and skate and have a blast!!!  Oh what fun it was…….  We are so lucky that we grew up here!!!  The memories are wonderful!!!

This is a photo taken from the back of the parking lot of the Mill Pond House in Centerport………   Looking over the beautiful Mill Dam and off in the distance you see Centerport Harbor,  Sand City, and over the sound to Connecticut on a clear day!!!

This was the best place to grow up!  How lucky are we!!!!RE MILL DAM


Let me introduce myself. I am Suzanne (Robertson) Asher, I grew up on Mallard Cove in Centerport. If you don’t already know me, I am passionate about the area we live in! Along with my husband Brian who also grew up here, we sell real estate for Signature Premier Properties. I have started writing BLOGS about growing up and living in the area…  Here is a little story that I want to share! There are more where this came from!!!!! – See more at:

BLOG Subway series Mets BLOG subway series Yankee

In the Spring of 1988, there was a lot of talk in the New York sports press about a potential Subway Series in baseball that year since both New York teams were potentially very good that year. This inspired Huntington Resident and baseball fan Brian Asher to create and develop the one and only Subway Series batting helmet. The helmet consisted of a basic Mets or Yankees souvenir batting helmet to show your team allegiance to which was added railroad tracks, a stadium which was half Shea Stadium and half Yankee Stadium which housed a windup toy motor. The toy motor had a “driveshaft” sticking out of the top of the stadium to which was attached a plastic rod with a number 4 Subway car on one end, and a number 7 on the other. When the rod was wound up, the cars would revolve around the stadium on the track. A little apple symbolic of the BIG APPLE was secured to the top of the stadium. The helmet was finished off with decals of the words “Subway Series” in graffiti style writing on either side of the helmet and the names of the Shea and Yankee Stadium stops on their respective sides, There were also decals on the stadium to show details as well as on the subway cars.

Brian’s brother Jerry, a Huntington attorney and licensed Professional Baseball Player Agent enlisted the help of two of his clients, Buddy Harrelson (Mets coach at the time) and Rafael Santana (Yankees shortstop at the time) to make a 30 second commercial which aired on Yankees and Mets games on Cablevision in October of 1988. After a considerable investment in plastic injection molding tooling, consulting fees, materials, advertising and office space, “the Asher boys” were in business!

There is a very limited amount of hats left… Choose either a METS helmet or a YANKEE helmet for your hat!!! If you are interested in purchasing one of these helmets, e-mail us at

BLOG Subway Series Buddy and Raphael and Brian

       Here is Brian Asher with Buddy Harrelson on the left

                  and Raphael Santana on the right





Do you remember voting for Miss Reingold (“My beer is Reingold the dry beer. Think of Reingold whenever you buy beer”)

My first recollection of the Greenlawn Fireman’s Fair was in the mid 50’s. That Labor Day was the year that Harborfields School District was formed and we were days away from “Centerport Kids” meeting Greenlawn Kids”.  The kick off to the Fair is always Thursday Night with a big parade going down Broadway, Greenlawn …….  It was so exciting that we were going to the fair and seeing the kids that we would eventually graduate from High School with…  It was more than a fair for sure………….  It was a social event that was so much a part of our lives…….  It was where you went to spend your money on fun rides, fun games, taking chances on live stock (pigs, chickens, goats), pets (dogs and cats), you always came home with a gold fish where you would throw a ping pong ball in a bowl with water and it would land in a bowl with a gold fish and you would take it home.  That was just the beginning….  You would take it home in a plastic bag……… So next morning your Mom would have to take you to the store where you would get a real bowl, sand for the bottom, little cute things to put in the bowl, and fish food.  And many $ later you would have the whole set up in your room.  Usually the fish didn’t make it thru the week!

But more than a three day event, the Greenlawn Fireman’s fair was our big social event of the year.  We would go there to meet friends after not seeing most of them for the summer….  There was a big thing that always happened at the fireman’s fair.  It was seeing the candidates for “Miss Reingold”beer contest….  This was huge!  It was like having Angelina Jolie in your home town!!! ….  This was a nationwide vote for Miss Reingold!  They were all pretty girls that were running for the title of Miss Reingold!

Once graduating High School we always went to the Greenlawn Fireman’s fair.  As we went to college this was always the place you would come back to  meet friends…. As the years passed and you married and had kids, this was the place to bring your kids, even if you had to travel across the country, people would flock back to Greenlawn for the fair!  Then your kids would bring their kids and the tradition would carry on, and on, and on….

Memories of the fair from a fellow Harborfields ’60 graduate and long time friend….”Around 1956 our family won a German Shepard puppy on a 25cent chance at the fair. We called him Chance. For years he ran around our neighborhood in Peppermill Woods in a ‘pack’ along with the Rices’ Weimereimer called Spooky and the Caswell’s Beagle hound called Jasper. What a comical group they would make……getting into all sorts of trouble. Little Jasper was the noisiest..He would howl and howl”

Bird Island…. before it was created in Northport Harbor

Let me introduce myself… I am Suzanne (Robertson) Asher, I grew up on Mallard Cove in Centerport.  If you don’t already know me, I am passionate about the area we live in!!!  I have started writing BLOGS about growing up in the area…  Here is a little story that I want to share!!!  There are more where this came from!!!!!  …. Here is where my story begins……..

NORTHPORT HARBOR, Long Island, New York….. A fond memory…..

I grew up on Northport Harbor but on the beautiful shores of the Centerport side ….  My Mom and Dad found a little enclave of pilots  in Centerport in the late 50’s….. (my Dad was a pilot for Pan American)…  Beautiful, rural, tranquil, and sitting on a beautiful harbor which was mud flats at low tide… Yes, back then, low tide was mud all across the harbor… you couldn’t walk on it, you of course couldn’t swim or boat in it, you could just observe it!!! Observe the mallard ducks swimming, and sometimes men with “duck blinds” would sit and wait around the area where Sea Spray Drive is now, with their loaded shotguns till the timing was just right and hunt ducks…  Duck was a food delicacy and these guys ate it every night during the duck hunting season!   ………

Growing up there gave me the opportunity of learning to water ski daily (When it was high tide)  from the early spring after school, weekends, and the whole summer long, into those warm days of fall….  What a wonderful experience!  It was my passion!  As soon as I heard the roar of a boat engine starting I threw on my bathing suit, water skis under my arm, and off I went!!!  Oh by the way, there were no restrictions for running a boat on the harbor.  It was fair game, and as fast as you wanted to, you could do it!!!  We water skied traversing the harbor from Northport to Centerport and back and forth…… It was pure bliss and a great way for a kid to spend the afternoons and weekends…. carefree like a kid should be, and having fun!!!

In around 1959 one morning we woke to the sounds of roaring engines in the harbor, it was loud and we had no idea what it was…………  It was the engines of a dredge that was clearing out the harbor.  They decided to make deep waterways so that boats could come in and out of the harbor even at low tide….

Have you heard of BIRD ISLAND in Northport Harbor?  Bird Island at that moment was being created.  The dredges worked day in and day out digging and piling the mud up in the middle of the harbor and creating what then became Bird Island….  During the transition my dog Rex was banned from the beach….  Why you ask?  Because as soon as he heard the sound of the engines starting to roar, he would run right down to the beach and swim out to see what was going on….  That was fine but it was distracting to the captain and mates of the dredge boat.  One day they thought, “let’s teach this dog a lesson.  Let’s get him in the bucket and drop him out over the water!  He’ll never come back!!!”  well, that was totally the opposite……  He loved being dropped and would swim back for more.  At first the guys on the boat LOVED the fun of this, but realizing that this just wasn’t going to get their job done, a few days later they walked up to my house and told my Mom that she would have to keep the dog hostage inside until their job was done!!!  Ah, these were the days……. Here is where my story begins……..

Hey Sports Fans.. Harborfields BASEBALL catchers… then and now….

Suzanne (Robertson) Asher Harborfields first Cheerleader and Graduate in the first class of Harborfields, reminisces about the community in her latest blogs of memories.  Here is one of the many on-going thoughts from her post.  Suzanne (and Husband Brian, both Harborfields Grads) are TOP real estate agents in the township of Huntington, working for Signature Premier Properties…Her blog,  … here is where our story begins …  has so many fun and interesting little stories of the community…. 

Way back in the day, Brian Asher was a TOP athlete in Harborfields and is RETIRED #1 athlete in Harborfields Hall of Fame………  Way back when Harborfields was first put on the map Brian had something to do with the recognition of Harborfields as a #1 Sports icon!  He excelled in all sports and Captain of all three major sports then, Football, Basketball and Baseball.  It was a great time to live and grow up in a new school environment!  Life was good and Life was fun!  The community was growing by leaps and bounds and we were caught up right in the middle!!!!  A good place to be!

Here is a photo of Brian, then catcher and Baseball Captain of the Harborfields High School Team!!!!

So that was THEN  ….  BLOG Brian baseball

NOW…. April 2012……  51 years Later………………… 


Our Grandson Justin Pangia, following in his Grandfather’s footsteps!

BLOG Justin BaseballHere are Brian and Justin………………  so proud of his grandson!!!!!

BLOG Brian and Justin HF Baseball


Mill Dam Bridge … then and now…..



Here is a view from the Mill Pond Inn over the Mill Dam — you can see Connecticut on a clear day!

Suzanne (Robertson) Asher grew up on Mallard Cove in Centerport.  Her father, a Pan American Pilot, moved the family there in the mid 1950’s.  She was Harborfields first Cheerleading Captain and Graduate in the first class of Harborfields School District.  She reminisces about the community in her latest blogs of memories.  Here is one of the many on-going thoughts from her past.  Suzanne, with Husband Brian, (Harborfields First Quarterback) are TOP real estate agents in the Township of Huntington working for Signature Premier Properties…. her website is …….  Here is where our story begins …. has so many fun and interesting little stories of the community… 

The Mill Dam Bridge, the beautiful little bridge that separates Centerport from Centerport!!!  It takes you over Centerport Harbor, which is on the north side, the other side is the Mill Pond, where I used to ice skate when I was growing up.  The Little Neck Side, which is sometimes referred to as “the other side” and the Presidents Street side, or HBCA (Huntington Beach Civic Association)…. … all together as one to form Centerport… Back when I was attending Little Neck School until 8th Grade when the New school district of Harborfields was formed, there were TWO separate classes in my 8th grade.  I grew up on Mallard Cove, so the kids who lived on the Little Neck Side were in one class…and the kids from the other side (then referred to as “Huntington Beach”) were in the other 8th grade class!!!  If that isn’t segregation!!!  I never understood it!  But there was a definite separation, altho this didn’t affect us when we merged together with the kids from Broadway School in Greenlawn (now Harborfields Library)  in 9th grade at the Taylor Avenue School (now Harborfields High School — see blog about the New School District Harborfields) 

The Mill Dam Bridge was something we walked across often (with our Mom’s approval of course)…. We would go to Rudy’s (Rudy’s son Richie was in Brian’s class… the last name was Rehazk) the little deli on the other side of the bridge, to get our lunch or hang out.  Across the street from Rudy’s was a bar call “Drifters Reef” — (here is where our Mom’s said “be careful and don’t talk to anybody from the bar!!!”  Many of the clammers would hang out there after a long day on the water!)…  It was about as far as we were able to  venture!  But that was our big treat!  Mill Dam Bridge has seen us grow up!!!

And there was the time on an early spring afternoon when I walked across the bridge with my friend Lenore Boudreau, when a man stopped us.  He said he was from Newsday and wanted to take a photo of us sitting on the LOCKS where the water flows in and out of the pond, so we climbed down to the ledge and sat together where he took our photo!   Of coourse when we related this story to our Mom’s they were panicked!  Was this man legit?  “you should have run away from him”… but guess what, our photo appeared in Newsday the following day!  And we were “famous” in the school!!!

How many times in my adult life have I driven over the Mill Dam Bridge and stopped to see a sunset, or a sunrise, or a storm where the water breeches the bridge, or a blizzard where you could hardly see, or fished off the bridge many years ago, as far back as the 50’s with my Mom, or the 70’s with my son and daughter, or the 90’s with my grandsons!  This bridge is a connection in my life.  I probably went over it every day when 20 years ago my oldest Grandson was born, and our second Grandson shortly after that, and we would drive over the bridge on our way to visit them…  It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling of being rooted right where you grew up!  There is nothing like it!

Last spring was no exception to taking in the sight s of the bridge…. where I stopped and caught this amazing photo!  (Thank God for my IPHONE!)  There was a thick fog over Centerport Harbor, and the sun was shining above, and a beautiful rainbow was up there! BLOG Mill Dam Bridge in the fog

Living the life in Huntington in the 50’s…. Two brothers in two separate public schools…..

Suzanne (Robertson) Asher grew up on Mallard Cove in Centerport.  Her father, a Pan American Pilot, moved the family there in the mid 1950’s.  Suzanne was Harborfields 1st Cheerleading Captain and Graduate in the first class of Harborfields School District.  She reminisces about the community in her latest blogs of memories.  Here is one of the many on-going thoughts from her past.  Suzanne with Husband Brian (Harborfields first quarterback and football captain) are TOP real estate agents in the Township of Huntington working for Signature Premier Properties, the #1 Real Estate Agency.  Her web site which is still under construction….

Brian Asher Jerry Asher Super athletes!

Brian Asher
Jerry Asher
Super athletes!…. here is where our story begins …. has so many fun and interesting little stories as the community grew.

Is it possible for two brothers to live in the exact same house, share the same bedroom, and attend two different public high schools?????  Read on…….

Brian Asher (the other half of Suzanne and Brian Asher, “The Winning Team in real Estate”) has a brother Jerry (a Supreme Court Justice in Riverhead) who is two years older.

As it turned out, the Asher family moved to Salem Ridge Drive in Huntington in the mid 50’s.  They built a beautiful new house on an acre with a pool.  Bill Asher (his dad) moved the family out from Mineola where he owned two businesses, Asher’s Pharmacy and Asher’s Liquor store across the street.

Brian and his older brother Jerry were superb athletes who excelled in every sport they tried!  Both were captains of their football, basketball and baseball teams.

Jerry went to Huntington High School to pave the way for younger brother Brian.  Well, during that time, Huntington School District said that they were getting too crowded and so a new school district had to be formed to accommodate the kids on the outskirts of Huntington.  Harborfields was formed encompassing Centerport, Greenlawn, and parts of Huntington and a tiny bit of Northport.

Brian had to go to the NEW school, Harborfields.  As years went on, both continued to excel not only academically but also in sports.

During Jerry’s Senior year, and Brian’s Sophomore year, both boys were captains of their Basketball teams, and they played against each other in a game….   Imagine the Ref’s surprise when he introduced Brian Asher to Jerry Asher at half court before the game!  Here were two boys from two different Public High Schools, Huntington and Harborfields, competing in the same sports and playing in the same game, AGAINST each other!  And living not only in the same house but sharing the same bedroom!!!  How fun is that!!!

*Both brothers went on to attend competing Ivy Leage colleges as well, Jerry attending Princeton and Brian attending Harvard!”