Let me introduce myself. I am Suzanne (Robertson) Asher, I grew up on Mallard Cove in Centerport. If you don’t already know me, I am passionate about the area we live in! Along with my husband Brian who also grew up here, we sell real estate for Signature Premier Properties. I have started writing BLOGS about growing up and living in the area…  Here is a little story that I want to share! There are more where this came from!!!!! – See more at:

BLOG Subway series Mets BLOG subway series Yankee

In the Spring of 1988, there was a lot of talk in the New York sports press about a potential Subway Series in baseball that year since both New York teams were potentially very good that year. This inspired Huntington Resident and baseball fan Brian Asher to create and develop the one and only Subway Series batting helmet. The helmet consisted of a basic Mets or Yankees souvenir batting helmet to show your team allegiance to which was added railroad tracks, a stadium which was half Shea Stadium and half Yankee Stadium which housed a windup toy motor. The toy motor had a “driveshaft” sticking out of the top of the stadium to which was attached a plastic rod with a number 4 Subway car on one end, and a number 7 on the other. When the rod was wound up, the cars would revolve around the stadium on the track. A little apple symbolic of the BIG APPLE was secured to the top of the stadium. The helmet was finished off with decals of the words “Subway Series” in graffiti style writing on either side of the helmet and the names of the Shea and Yankee Stadium stops on their respective sides, There were also decals on the stadium to show details as well as on the subway cars.

Brian’s brother Jerry, a Huntington attorney and licensed Professional Baseball Player Agent enlisted the help of two of his clients, Buddy Harrelson (Mets coach at the time) and Rafael Santana (Yankees shortstop at the time) to make a 30 second commercial which aired on Yankees and Mets games on Cablevision in October of 1988. After a considerable investment in plastic injection molding tooling, consulting fees, materials, advertising and office space, “the Asher boys” were in business!

There is a very limited amount of hats left… Choose either a METS helmet or a YANKEE helmet for your hat!!! If you are interested in purchasing one of these helmets, e-mail us at

BLOG Subway Series Buddy and Raphael and Brian

       Here is Brian Asher with Buddy Harrelson on the left

                  and Raphael Santana on the right

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